Vietjet to launch Vietnam-China route

Vietjet recently unveiled its plans to launch direct flights connecting Vietnam with China. The announcement was made at a ceremony held in Beijing during the official visit to China by Party Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong last week.

Vietjet will expand its flight network from Vietnam to many provinces in China, the airline stated at the ceremony, which saw the attendance of representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and received great interest from tourism agencies and partners in China.

The airline has asked permission from the Ministry of Transport of both countries in order to launch a series of maiden flights to China, connecting cities such as Nha Trang and Danang in Vietnam and Hangzhou and Kunming in China. All information about these routes, including flight times, will be updated on (compatible on smartphones) and

“Demand for travel from businesses, family visits and reunions between Vietnam and China is growing all the time,” said Desmond Lind, VietJet Business Development Director. “So to satisfy that need from passengers, Vietjet is ready to provide our leading aviation services on key international routes. We look forward to introducing Vietjet’s ‘Flights of Smiles’ to your country and our international friends.”

“Vietjet is also expanding global partnerships. Besides aviation transport, we are also attracting partners to invest in infrastructure, airports, aircraft maintenance, training, component manufacturing, and the aerospace industry in Vietnam and the region,” Lind said.

VietJet is the first privately owned airline in Vietnam with a fleet of 22 Airbus A320 aircraft and one Airbus A321 aircraft with a median age of less than three years. The airline’s cabin crew teams have experienced thousands of flight hours and the famously fun and friendly flight attendants can speak numerous languages, including Chinese, Korean, Thai and English, depending on the destination of the flight.

Vietjet is dedicated to offering high-quality aviation services. The airline utilizes state-of-the-art online ticket purchasing and check-in systems for passengers’ convenience. On every flight customers can enjoy a delicious hot meal with a choice of nine dishes or purchase souvenirs. Duty free shopping is also available on all international flights.

Vietjet has become one of the most popular airlines in Vietnam and the Asia Pacific region thanks to the support and cooperation of numerous enterprises, financial corporations, banks CCB, ICBC and the International Air Services Group. Vietjet continues to work with multiple partners to expand business in the Asia Pacific areas and is committed to offering the best quality services and unbeatable fares, so travelers can enjoy more flying opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Source: VietnamNet