About Vinaliving

Tailored Living

“Tailored living for people like you”

VinaLiving properties have quality built-in from the beginning. It is our promise to deliver well-thought-out, beautifully-designed and finished homes that Vietnamese people will enjoy and be happy to raise their families in.

VinaLiving properties are designed with you, the Vietnamese family, in mind. We hope that our developments will inspire you and help you to live the life you dream of.

Our properties are developed to meet the growing demand in Vietnam for something above the normal. VinaLiving is not just about building houses, but about designing a lifestyle and a vision for the future. We design homes and communities that allow people to live a better, more comfortable and fulfilling life.

VinaLiving is dedicated to making life a little better for Vietnamese people, one home at a time.


Our Values

VinaLiving is dedicated to Vietnam and its people and we believe that the best investment we can make is in supporting responsible, sustainable and appealing  real estate developments.

We know you have many choices in this market, so we work hard to understand the needs and desires of the Vietnamese public so we can deliver the best possible lifestyle and investment opportunities.

Better living environments, better investment opportunities, better resale values and a brighter future for your family. By building smarter, higher-quality developments with value-added features and finishes, we strive to ensure that your investment is secure and the opportunity to reap more rewards is close at hand.


Economic Benefits

We believe that the best investment we can make is in the country and people of Vietnam.

At VinaLiving our duty to our customers is not only to develop the best and most comfortable homes in Vietnam, but to create a valuable asset which grows in value over the years.

VinaCapital is one of the largest foreign investors in Vietnam’s real estate market, with a diverse portfolio of assets in all real estate subsectors, including the top portfolio of hotel assets in the country.

VinaCapital Real Estate Ltd (VCRE) provides real estate advisory, development and management services for the property investments of VinaCapital funds.

VCRE has made real estate investments totalling over USD1.1 billion since 2003, primarily involving the holdings of VinaCapital’s flagship real estate fund, VinaLand Limited. VCRE has Vietnam’s only in-house hospitality investment team.


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