International award-winning Developer

VinaLiving was established as the real estate development brand of VinaCapital in 2010.

Over the past decade, VinaLiving has become recognized for its pioneering boutique resort-style residential developments in Vietnam, winning a range of international awards. Our philosophy “Bring Resort Lifestyle Home” is inspired by homeowners who seek peace, seclusion, and privacy in a beautiful, natural environment.

Featuring innovative and sophisticated designs that frame the landscape, VinaLiving’s homes are renowned for their superior quality, sustainable materials, and access to top-tier facilities within their gated communities.

VinaLiving has an in-house team to manage the entire development process, from concept design to the operational stage. We partner with leading design studios, project management groups, financial institutions, and international operators to ensure excellence across all facets of our developments.


Years of experience delivering boutique resort-style development in Vietnam.


International Property Awards.


International Hotel Operators under the Partnership agreement.


VinaLiving’s total investment in real estate properties across Vietnam

We launched VinaLiving with the vision of offering sophisticated, high-quality housing that is tailored the needs and within the reach of more Vietnamese people.

Combined with world-class features and amenities, we also strive to deliver a high level of after-sales care and service. This focus enables our customers to maintain the lifestyle they seek for themselves and their families but also the investment value of their properties.

At VinaLiving, we are helping more Vietnamese people achieve a lifestyle and home that they previously could only dream of.

Don Lam

Co-Founder and CEO of VinaCapital
Founder of VinaLiving

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