Ho Chi Minh City, 26th February 2024 – Maia Resort Quy Nhon, a luxurious resort developed by VinaLiving, was honoured as “Best International New Hotel Construction & Design” at the International Property Awards 2023 -2024 event in London, United Kingdom. This is VinaLiving’s very first project to earn a prestigious international award. In addition, VinaLiving also won the highest level of achievement in the Asia Pacific region in the category “Best Residential Development Asia Pacific” for The Ocean Villas Quy Nhon and “Best New Hotel Construction & Design Asia Pacific” for Maia Resort Quy Nhon within the framework of this award.

VinaLiving vinh dự nhận được 3 giải thưởng cao quý tại Giải Thưởng Bất Động Sản Quốc Tế 2023 – 2024

The International Property Awards are organized in different geographic areas. At the Asia Pacific Property Awards held in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2023, VinaLiving won the 5-Star Award for the above two categories at the country level (Vietnam) and was nominated for the regional level (Asia Pacific). The highest scoring winners from the Asia Pacific Property Awards will compete against other winners from Europe, Africa, and the Americas…to identify and recognize the best properties in each category.

The International Property Awards, operating for nearly 30 years, is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious annual property awards in the world. Honoured awards from the International Property Awards have long been renowned by international professionals and the public. In 2023, the International Property Awards received over a thousand nominations from 113 countries in nearly 70 categories of different fields, including Development, Architecture, Interior Design, and Real Estate.

Competing against several high-profile projects, Maia Resort Quy Nhon achieved top awards in the category “Best New Hotel Construction & Design” at both the Asia Pacific and International levels, while The Ocean Villas Quy Nhon also won “Best Residential Development Asia Pacific” at an award ceremony at Savoy Hotel Strand in London, United Kingdom.

Maia Resort Quy Nhon được vinh danh ở cả Giải Quốc Tế và Khu vực Châu Á – Thái Bình Dương cho hạng mục Khách sạn có Thiết kế và Xây dựng tốt nhất

In order to achieve this well-known regional title, VinaLiving’s projects underwent a sophisticated and meticulous evaluation and assessment process carried out by a judging panel of 100 high-ranking professionals from the global real estate industry. The projects had to meet strict criteria, including location, unique interior design/ architectural design and zoning, sustainability and environmental protection and provision of services.

Mr. Do Chi Hieu, Chairman and CEO of VinaLiving said: “We are proud that the effort we have invested in these projects has been recognized and honoured. Winning these coveted awards is clear evidence that VinaLiving can outperform some of the strongest players in the highly competitive Asia Pacific and International property arena These awards also further affirm our position in high-end real estate market that we have work hard to achieve over the past decade.”

The Ocean Villas Quy Nhon giành chiến thắng cao nhất khu vực Châu Á – Thái Bình Dương hạng mục Phát triển dự án tốt nhất

To date, The Ocean Villas Quy Nhon and Maia Resort Quy Nhon have garnered a number of prestigious national and international awards. Among those are the “EDGE Champion” from IFC; “Best Residential Development Vietnam” and “Architecture Multiple Residence Vietnam” from Asia Pacific Property Awards for The Ocean Villas Quy Nhon; “Best New Hotel Construction & Design Vietnam” and “Hotel Interior Vietnam” from Asia Pacific Property Awards, “’s Traveller Review Award” with an outstanding score of 9/10; and “Number 1 in the Resort category” in TripAdvisor’s list of all 725 hospitality properties in Binh Dinh province for Maia Resort Quy Nhon.

Currently, VinaLiving is preparing to put The Ocean Villas Quy Nhon into operation from April 2024, as well as to increase room capacity to serve tourists along with Maia Resort Quy Nhon. With the categories of “Best Residential Development Asia Pacific”; “Best New Hotel Construction & Design Asia Pacific” and “Best International New Hotel Construction & Design” recently achieved, the quality of VinaLiving’s projects and resorts rank among the most luxurious resorts in the region and world.


About VinaLiving

VinaLiving is the international award-winning real estate development brand established by VinaCapital in 2010. Over the past decade, VinaLiving has become recognized for its pioneering boutique resort-style residential developments in Vietnam. Its philosophy “Bring the Resort Lifestyle Home” is inspired by homeowners who seek peace, seclusion, and privacy in a beautiful, natural environment. VinaLiving’s homes feature innovative and sophisticated designs that frame the landscape, and are renowned for their superior quality, sustainable materials, and access to top-tier facilities within their gated communities. VinaLiving has an in-house team to manage the entire development process, from concept design to the operational stage. Since its founding, VinaLiving has developed many premier residential properties in central Vietnam and in HCMC.

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About the International Property Awards

The International Property Awards are open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe. Since 1995, they have celebrated the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry.  The awards are split into regions covering Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, UK and USA. The highest-scoring winners from each region are automatically entered into the overall International Awards, which ultimately determine the world’s finest property companies.  An International Property Award is a world-renowned mark of excellence. Judging is carried out through a meticulous process involving a panel of 100 experts covering every aspect of the property business.

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